So your a hybrid huh?

For all who don’t know, Hybrid is a term that means designer/front-end developer. Hybrids get a lot of smack in the industry. On one end designers are known to be horrible developers and on the other, developers are known to be horrible designers. The latter reigns true, ha! (just kidding!) To be honest both cases exist. To say it’s not possible to be good at both is downright WRONG! There are exceptions to the rule, for example Ethan Marcotte.

It’s all a matter of how you look at it. Front End Skills are to web designers, as Adobe Creative Suite is to print designers, tools. As quiet as its kept, Adobe Creative Suite has a learning curve, the steepness depending on the application. Sure you could say that HTML/CSS Javascript/Jquery have steeper learning curves but as technologies change we need to understand how apply our design to its medium. 


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